ISV 2016 Congress Survey Summary

What rating would you give the overall 2016 ISV Congress? (1 Lowest – 5 Highest)

47% of attendees gave an overall rating of 5.

47% of attendees gave an overall rating of 4.

6% of attendees gave an overall rating of 2.

(Based on the above responses the overall average rating for the 2016 ISV Congress was 4.3)

Will you be attending future Congresses including the 2017 ISV Conference in Paris, France? (Yes/No)

87% of attendees said yes.

13% of attendees said no.

What was your favorite session or feature of the 2016 ISV Congress? (Write in Answer)

All were of interest.

Plenary Sessions.

Overall organizations of the talk and speakers.

Plenary Session 3: Global Health Issues and Vaccine Approaches.

The Ebola topics.

Career Panel Session.

DNA vaccines.

The Poster Sessions.

Breath of talks.

Strong and balanced number of industry representatives.

Good talks and lots of opportunity to network at breaks, lunch, and reception.

Great mix of plenaries and concurrent; excellent speakers and topics had relevance even if working on a different disease.

Networking opportunity & central (easy to get to) location.

Dear Colleague,

Thanks for attending the 2016 ISV Congress in Boston!

We appreciate your feedback & suggestion for the event!