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Invitation from Congress Co-Chairs

Dear Colleagues,

We are excited to announce that the International Society for Vaccines (ISV) Annual Congress will be held in historic Québec City, Canada, at the Québec City Convention Centre in the Fall of 2021.

The convention centre is set on Parliament Hill, flanked by excellent hotels and sits just steps from Old Québec. The city is easily accessible by direct flights from the US (Chicago, Newark, Philadelphia, etc.), Europe (London, Paris) and elsewhere in Canada (Montréal, Toronto) with the international airport just 20 minutes by car/public transport from the convention centre.

Québec City is renowned and loved for its European charm, welcoming locals, infectious energy, and of course, for Old Québec - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city boasts one of the highest concentrations of research centres in Canada and the Northeastern United States. A place of knowledge, innovation, and creativity, the city is home to several world-renowned researchers of many disciplines including vaccinology, immunotherapeutics, cancer, infectious diseases, artificial intelligence and many more. Whether from academia, clinical research or pharma and biotech, the comprehensive and vibrant scientific environment will provide an exciting venue to ISV attendees.

The 2021 Congress is co-chaired by Linda Klavinskis and Joon Haeng Rhee along with local co-chair Gary Kobinger (Université Laval). 

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Québec City, Canada

Date: September 12-15th, 2021
Location: Québec City Convention Center

Academic/Govt Rate:  $825
Industrey Rate:  $990
Student:  $275

AUG 15
Academic/Govt Rate:  $875
Industry Rate:  $1040
Student Rate:  $325

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2021 Scientific Committee

  • Joon Haeng Rhee
    Congress Co-Chair
    Chonnam National University Medical School - Korea
  • Gary Kobinger
    Congress Local Co-Chair
    Centre for Research in Infectious Diseases - CAN
  • Linda Klavinskis
    Congress Co-Chair
    King’s College London - UK
  • Sarah Gilbert, Jenner Institute - UK
  • Stephen Kent, University of Melbourne - AU
  • Connie Schmaljohn, USAMRIID - USA
  • Amy Espeseth, Merck Research Laboratories - USA
  • Sanjay Phogat, GSK - ITL
  • Ed Lavelle, Trinity College Dublin - IRE
  • Lakshmi Krishnan, National Research Council (NRC) - CAN
  • Baik Seong, Yonsei University - KOR
  • Rafi Ahmed, Emory University - USA
  • Thomas Geisbert, University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) - USA
  • Amadou Sall, Institut Pasteur de Dakar - WAFR
  • Adrian McDermott, Vaccine Research Center, NIAID, NIH - USA
  • John Shiver, Sanofi - USA
  • Qihan Li, Institute of Medical Biology, CAMS - CN
  • Satoshi Uematsu, University of Tokyo - JP
  • Jerome Kim, IVI - SK
  • Xavier Saelens, VIB-UGent Center for Medical Biotechnology - BEL
  • Karin Jooss, Gritstone Oncology - USA
  • Melanie Saville, CEPI - UK
  • Claude Perreault, University of Montreal - CAN
  • Margaret Ackerman, Dartmouth - USA
  • Raina MacIntyre, University of New South Wales, (UNSW) - AU
  • Sarah Gilbert, Jenner Institute - UK
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