isv vaccine congress 2017

david weinerDenise Doolan  Invitation to 2017 ISV Annual Congress:

We are excited to announce the 2017 International Society for Vaccines (ISV) Annual Congress at the Institute Pasteur in Paris on October 5th – 7th 2017.

The ISV Annual Congress is the world’s largest scientific conference in the field of vaccines and covers a broad range of topics related to vaccines and immunotherapies. It will bring together individuals from all sectors of the global vaccine community to hear about the latest advances in the field, discuss challenges and opportunities, and network. The Congress will feature international leading experts as keynote and symposium speakers as well as a high percentage of oral presentations selected from abstracts submitted by the global vaccine community.

Various awards will be given to support travel to the Congress, and for scientific presentations.

The venue is the Institute Pasteur, one of the world's leading research centers dedicated to the study of infectious diseases and vaccines.

As was the case for the 2016 ISV Congress in Boston, the meeting will be held in collaboration with the International Society for DNA Vaccines and the Vaccines Renaissance meeting.READ MORE

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Daniel Anderson

Daniel Anderson, USA

Cecil Czerkinsky

Cecil Czerkinsky, France


Adil Daud, USA

Darragh Duffy

Darragh Duffy, France

Stephanie Erbar

Stephanie Erbar, Germany

Heinz Feldmann

Heinz Feldmann, USA

Nathalie Garcon

Nathalie Garcon, Belgium

Peter Gilbert

Peter Gilbert, USA

Davinder Gill

Davinder Gill, India


Scott Halstead, USA

Paul Heath

Paul Heath, UK

Peter Hotez

Peter Hotez, USA

Kathrin Jansen

Kathrin Jansen, USA

Stefan Kaufmann

Stefan Kaufmann, Germany

Marie-Paule Kieny

Marie-Paule Kieny, Switzerland

Jerome Kim

Jerome Kim, Korea

Hiroshi Kiyono

Hiroshi Kiyono, Japan

Wayne Koff

Wayne Koff, USA

Antonio Lanzavecchia

Antonio Lanzavecchia, Switzerland

Odile Leroy

Odile Leroy, Germany

Gerald Linette

Gerald Linette, USA

Shabir Madhi

Shabir Madhi, South Africa

Jacqueline Miller

Jacqueline Miller, USA


Louis Picker, USA

Félix Rey

Félix Rey, France

Allan Saul

Allan Saul, Italy

Rafick Sekaly

Rafick Sekaly, USA

Tonya Villafana

Tonya Villafana, USA

Jun Zhang

Jun Zhang, China


    • David Weiner

      David Weiner
      ISV Congress co-Chair

    • Denise Doolan

      Denise Doolan
      ISV Congress co-Chair

    • Christiane Gerke

      Christiane Gerke
      ISV Congress Local co-Chair

    • Frédéric Tangy

      Frédéric Tangy
      ISV Congress Local co-Chair

    • Peter Anderson, Statens Serum Institut, Denmark
    • Danilo Casimiro, Aeras, USA
    • Ian Frazer, University of Queensland, Australia
    • Nathalie Garcon, Bioaster Technology Research Institute, France
    • Michael Good, Griffith University, Australia
    • Carlos Guzmán, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Germany
    • Adrian Hill, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
    • Peter Hotez, National School of Tropical Medicine, USA
    • Kathrin Jansen, Pfizer, USA
    • Stefan Kaufmann, Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology, Germany
    • Florian Krammer, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA
    • Marie-Paule Kieny, World Health Organization, Switzerland
    • Jerome Kim, International Vaccine Institute, South Korea
    • Hiroshi Kiyono, University of Tokyo, Japan
    • Gary Kobinger, Centre for Research in Infectious Diseases, Canada
    • Wayne Koff, The Human Vaccines Project, USA
    • Odile Leroy, European Vaccine Initiative, Germany
    • Vish Nene, International Livestock Research Institute, Kenya
    • Stanley Plotkin, University of Pennsylvania, USA
    • Allan Saul, GSK Vaccines Institute for Global Health, Italy
    • Jeffrey Ulmer, GSK Vaccines, USA
    • Tonya Villafana, MedImmune
    • Yu-Mei Wen, Fudan University, China
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  • Pasteur
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